"Trivia Night, with it's brilliantly clever screenplay, brings us into a world of fun, facts, and fierce competition."

-Off To The Films

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Q: Can I see it?

If you missed on our 2016 FESTIVAL TOUR, fear not. TRIVIA NIGHT will be available online soon. Check back here to find out when!

Q: What's it all about?

TRIVIA NIGHT is a dark comedy set in the gritty underbelly of New York’s trivia-nerd subculture, a world of underground trivia battles, chicken-wing subsistence, and performance-enhancing brain stimulators. It is the story of Scott Nadler, king of the fact flingers, and his trivial pursuit.

Initially suppressing any higher aspirations, Scott lives hand-to-mouth off pub quiz payouts, content to be the lauded “king of bar trivia” to a small community of underground trivia aficionados. But when the zenith of trivial accomplishment, the unbeaten, unbeatable quiz show, “Trivia Night” (the same show that shamed Scott into mediocrity), gives him an opportunity to play again, the door is open for him to demonstrate his trivial prowess on a grand scale. Yet to do so will mean facing his past failures, outwitting competitors determined to see him fail again, and abandoning the friendship and adoration of those who call him “king.” All so he can defeat a show that is corrupt and powerful and as determined to preserve its “unbeaten” status as Scott is to beat it.

Q: How did it get made?

In the Spring of 2014, Local Empire decided to build on the momentum of our comedy sketches and make a feature film. We decided to approach the larger project with the same guerilla filmmaking mentality we had developed with sketches, but with an elevated aesthetic. So naturally, we teamed with director Robert Gregson, who had helmed some of our most successful sketches and had just won Best New Director accolades at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

By September, we had a script and budget. We launched a Kickstarter, and over the course of a month we were joined by 361 amazing backers who helped us raise $35,000. 

The next two months were a whirlwind of rewrites, planning, casting, and building a crew. We called in favors from some amazing veteran actors and filmmakers we had met on various projects, as well as involving a powerhouse of up-and-coming New York comedy talent. We asked all of our neighborhood bars to let us shoot inside. We got a beer sponsorship. 

Then, for five weeks at the end of 2014 and into 2015, we shot Trivia Night.