Addison Anderson


Michael Molina


Colin Drummond


We make high-quality, funny films

In 2013, Addison Anderson, Michael Molina, and Colin Drummond came together with a desire to make great comedy films which, despite minimal resources, maintained high production values. We started with short comedy "sketches," treating each one like short film. Over a fifteen-month period we produced over 100 shorts, which premiered online and at ten live events in New York City. The sketches were featured on Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, College Humor, Funny or Die, and The Onion and attracted nearly a thousand subscribers and over 390,000 views on YouTube.

In the summer of 2014, we began development on our first feature film, TRIVIA NIGHT, a dark comedy produced on a shoestring budget crowdfunded by an amazing and growing fanbase. TRIVIA NIGHT is currently on the festival circuit, and was recently named "Best Feature Film" at the Omaha Film Festival.

As TRIVIA NIGHT continues its tour, We are in development on our second feature film, which is a cult film. Literally. It's about a cult. Stay tuned!

Robert Gregson

Robert Gregson in a Brooklyn-based filmmaker who's work has screened at the Cannes Short Film Center, the Big Apple Film Festival, the Chicago Comedy Film Festival, and others. He was awarded the "Best Director" award at the Brooklyn Film Festival for his short film REFRIGERATOR.

Robert directed many of Local Empire's most successful short sketches, and officially joined Local Empire as a resident director and helmed the feature TRIVIA NIGHT.

We are not alone!

Here are some of the amazing people we work with:

Off Camera

Nick Wiesner // Director
Jacqueline Dow // Director
Eric Goldberg // Director
Victor Suarez // Director
Colin Moneymaker // Producer
Jeffrey Schwartz // Producer
Nathan Blair // DP
John Gebhart // DP
Josh Feezer // AC
Zach Bishop // Sound
Craig 1 // Editor
Kenneth Casey Swoyer // Editor
Gabija Blake // Art Director
Garrett Vonderheide // Casting Director
and many more!

On Camera

Maura McNamara
Amy Chang
Larkin Malloy
Howard Pinhasik
Jordy Lievers
Brian Fithian
Clark Middleton
Margot Steinberg
David Levin
Annie Unnold
Laura Kleinbaum
Mike Cabellon
Clem McIntosh
Dan Wilbur
Yonatan Gebeyehu
Grace Parra
Tobin Mitnick
Becky Abrams
Anna Drezen
Austin Mitchell
Jordan Barbour
Colin Moneymaker
Ryan Barker
James Underwood
Lauren Glover
Han Hui Ling
Patrick Barrett
and many many more!